Superior Construction


Tight Construction
• Built in a controlled environment free from weather elements
• 6 mil vapour barrier ensures continuous, completely sealed envelope
• Floor sheathing glued and screwed to floor joists
• Acoustical sealant between walls, floor & roof eliminates air leakage
• Insulated electrical boxes complete with vapour barrier on exterior walls

Structurally Sound

• Kiln dried lumber with 19% moisture content or less
• 2x3 cross bridging between floor joists
• Double perimeter floor joists
• Pre-Engineered roof trusses

Insulation Techniques
• Fiberglass insulation installed from the outside eliminates air gaps on the cold side of the insulation
• Insulating the roof from the outside in before sheathing is installed guarantees the best coverage

Kent Homes Standards
• Exterior walls at 24" on center reduces thermal bridging
• Tarred and nailed roof shingles
• Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
• Fujitsu Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps
• Low E & Argon windows

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